Omurice Onegai Simasu!!

It is the end of the day and I am getting hungry. I saw a link for tamagoyaki over at 3Yen and it reminded me that I haven’t had some omurice in awhile. What is it you ask? Well how about watching some crafty bum whisk some up on the spot after breaking and entering with a minor. Such a simple yet delicious Japanese dish.

If you are wondering where the clip is from, the movie is called Tampopo which even features a young Ken Watanabe. Called “the first Noodle Western,” the movie is about Tampopo, a widowed noodle chef, who is helped by truck driver Goro and friends to become a world class chef. Food is the theme throughout this movie and it includes novel uses of food as erotic toy. It is a light hearted story full of fantasy. Fantasy because that bum would of made the omurice, ate it, and then molested the kid. Just like I do anytime I cook omurice.

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