A Year in Review

A Year in Review

Most people don’t realize (actually I didn’t realize) but MaoChan is over 1 year old, 14 months to be exact. While the first two months were definitely growing pains with only 71 hits the first month, it has grown to 300+ a day and averaging about 10,000 a month now. I want to say thanks to everyone who visits even though not many people comment but at least someone is reading.

I will admit that so far only about $20 have been made via MaoChan which I am not surprised but I will thank all those who purchased items with my JList link. Otherwise this has been a labor of love that I hope someone other than me enjoys. Also if you were wondering, yes the top stories involve booty with the Akiba Maid Cafe post topping for all time, with the top searches coming in with the terms:

Maid Cafe

Thank you to friends such as Samurai Soapbox (where did you go?), JapanProbe, TV in Japan, JList, Strapya, Pink Tentacle, and a very special thanks to Andrew Leonard over at Salon.com for reading and referencing.

The year has seen the passing of the Great Helmsman, and the joining of a new member Calliope.

The final thanks will go to my wife, Mrs. MaoChan. For understanding my issues, shortcomings, taking care of me when sick, when friends and I get loud during Xbox sessions, and in general putting up with me.

To another year! Gan Bei & Kampai!!

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One Comment on “A Year in Review”

  1. xiupan Says:

    Kampai! 😀

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