What The Hell am I Going to Read Now?

Arthur C Clarke

When I read, I find an author I like and then I go through and try and read everything that someone has written. Arthur C. Clarke was one of those, as he was one of if not the greatest hard sci-fi writers to ever have lived. He is in the pantheon with Asimov (I, Robot) and Heinlein (Starship Troopers) whose books have inspired inventions such as his 1945 article in Wireless World magazine which led to the invention of of a worldwide communications network based on fixed satellites orbiting Eath at 22,300 miles in 1963 by Syncom II.

From the Rama series to his latest series A Time Odyssey co-written with Stephen Baxter (the new Clarke), Clarke’s books were more than just science fiction adventures about robots, they delved into the human mind on how technology has and will shape emotions and relationships. He brought the human aspect to the genre of robots.

He lived his final years in Sri Lanka where he died at the age of 90 due to a cardio-respiratory attack.

Watch his last message to all.

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