Great Movie Scenes a la Typography

Just watch the video above which takes the great scene in David Fincher’s Fight Club and blurs it with typography art. This form of representation really brings forth the weight that these words convey. This was one of those movies every 16 year old went to see because it was “cool”. It had fighting, Brad Pitt, and quotable lines. But now stop and think, do you really realize what the book’s message was and how Fincher was trying to convey that with images? Well now you can see it all the better.

In the recent film by Gary Hustwit, Helvetica, “a variety of experts opine on the importance of typefaces as well as the subtle, unrealized effects that typography can have on us.” Well now watch these famous scenes in cinema brought to life with only words and see just how powerful words can be.

Check out the rest.

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One Comment on “Great Movie Scenes a la Typography”

  1. xiupan Says:

    That’s really cool! I like it ^_^

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