Pro-China Protest in Toronto

So everyone should have heard about the upcoming protest today against China when the Olympic Torch passes through San Francisco. Well as you may have read, I would be out there with the Chinese Paramilitary as I support China on this issue and apparently so do protesters in Toronto. The crowd was “two hundred mainly Mandarin speaking young Chinese shouting ‘One China’”.

What I find hilarious in these US protests is that 90% of the people are white, well-off, and have never even left America. Even in the shots of the San Francisco protesters gathering, there was slim to nil Asian people in a city who is predominately Asian. And their leader is Richard Gere. Well let me ask you Richard Gere, what would you be saying if all of the sudden Puerto Rico was tired of being America’s bitch and tried to leave? Would you be saying “give them their freedom”?

Go China!

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One Comment on “Pro-China Protest in Toronto”

  1. cygnus183 Says:

    The patriotism is making me well up

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