Took Long Enough: Danica Patrick

On average it takes an open wheel driver 33 races before they win their first. Well it has taken Danica Patrick 50 but now she finally won. So will people finally stop paying attention to her. But she is a woman blah blah blah…. I don’t care. It is like focusing on the horse that never wins the Kentucky Derby or the Buffalo Bills. Who cares what novelty they got going and realize that she can’t hang with the other drivers. Not because she is a woman but because she isn’t as good.

I know its all a PR game to get lady fans in the seats but parading around this girl who can’t perform just for the sake of her being a woman has got to be embarrassing for her and her team. Right now they claim loss and under performance has been due to team choices such as their car’s frame not having been updated in awhile but we will see. If she keeps winning then good, but if she sucks it again then just take this horse and put her out to pasture.

Bout time.

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