More Sushi Abomination

The famous Koi in NYC has added another nail in the coffin that is real sushi. Their latest offering is the High Roller (I do give props on the name). Take your average roll and then just start shoving in expensive stuff for no reason. Apparently this is served tableside with the chef shaving white alba truffles and pouring on 100 year old balsamic vinegar. The innards include Hudson Valley foie gras, langoustine brushed with saffron/vanilla bean butter and all encrusted in caviar. The cost is $1000.

As many people say “but there is no real thing as Japanese sushi, it evolves.” Yea…. NO. Japanese cooking adheres to strict guidlines, almost like a religion. Sure there are changes but they are so slow and minimal that it takes decades for something to be incorporated into it. Even then just because you cram something with expensive shit, it doesn’t make it fancy. I will unleash High Roller Jello when I open my restaurant. It is lime jello but contains the keys to a 747 in it. Just add some truffles and I will be famous and sadly, someone will buy it.

“Crap roll please.”

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