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ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版: Rebuild of Evangelion

May 5, 2008

Although not the newest news to those who are heavily into anime in Japan, i.e. you cried like a bitch when Gundam 00 ended on the cliffhanger, the latest Gainax venture has started to show up on torrents titled Rebuild of Evangelion. Just like how Blade Runner was made but the technology did not exist for the true vision to occur, Hideaki Anno has now streamlined the story and is making a 4 movie epic of the story Evangelion. Made in HD with amazing redraws of scenes, this shall be nothing to look down on.

While I don’t condone piracy (yeah right, that is just for the fuckhole MPAA so you can eat my anus) this has not yet even been given thought on being brought over here in some disgusting repackage on DVD at $30 a disc. Instead hop on over to Anime Suki and get the first part right now. Remember to download the giant 1.45 gig version as it is in 720p goodness.

Shake yo boot like a bootlegga!


Cooking Mama Apron

May 2, 2008

I have said it once and I will say it again, I would become a polygamist just so I can have two wives, my second being Cooking Mama. She help for me cooking awesome food and should someone try to serve me crap she will unleash the fiery demons that live within her eyes. The next best thing is this fan made Cooking Mama apron.

Using web transfers and felt, this is possibly one of the greatest items I have ever seen created for a game. Not only does it look good but it is Cooking Mama. And no one screws with someone wearing a Cooking Mama apron otherwise she will ass rape you with a wire whisk till you do not mind.


Gran Turismo Creator Takes on the ‘Ring

May 2, 2008

So what would you expect if you threw your average game developer into his own game? Would Wil Wright be able to handle fighting a bunch of Spores? Would Jon Romero own his own ass in Daikatana? Would Peter Molyneux be crushed under uncompleted, buggy code and unfulfilled promises in Black & White? Well it turns out that if you stick GT creator Kazunori Yamauchi in a new Nissan GT-R and place him on a wet Nurburgring, he just ends up hauling ass at 193MPH.

The creator of the greatest racing game ever tackles the real life version of his own game and it turns out the man can handle his own. An auto enthusiast, which you would like to think considering how long GT has been is career, he goes on a nice outing in Germany. Too bad they don’t make all game devs make sure that they can do what they code. I wonder if Kojima CQC’s people in the office when they don’t meet deadlines.