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MaoChan is Going to PAX!!

June 2, 2008

Paint me brown and call me a goofer! It is official that MaoChan shall be trekking out to the Seattle area to attend PAX. While not a big deal to most, this is my first trip to somewhere totally new in awhile. I have never been to Seattle and thus I am very excited. I hope I can finally meet some readers and maybe even have a drink with you (psst… you’re buying).

I will keep you up to date on the happenings and in the meantime catch me on the PAX forums trying to find the best party possible in Seattle that weekend. It isn’t a party if The Party isn’t invited.

China Lifts 1 Baby Ban For Victims

June 2, 2008

In the recent times in China, there was the earthquake that destroyed and killed so many people. Lives were ended and families torn apart. One thing many people haven’t realized is that for lots of families, the death of the child was the death of the family. In China, the 1 baby law is still in effect.

In light of the horror of loosing your only chance to pass on your family’s genes and appease the Forefathers, the Chengdu committee is now modifying the rules in allowing a family with one legal child, that was killed, to apply for another child license. People who lost their legal child and have an illegal kid can now obtain legal status for said living infraction.


Johnnie Worker: Red Labial

June 2, 2008

I found a new sauce that can take the edge off. No it’s not a bottle of Macallan’s 21 or even say some good ol’ Dewars. It is Johnnie Worker Red Labial. Smooth, refreshing with a hint of tang. Poon tang some might note.

For the party, for the Worker.