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New Look for MaoChan

June 18, 2008

What do you all think?

I know no one will answer but whatever, eat my ass.

Old People Sex: Latest Craze in Japanese Porn Industry

June 18, 2008

The lastest trend in the hotness that is the Japanese porn industry is the booming drive for eldery porn, the porn that has grandpa giving grandma the wrinkly boner. Japan’s adult industry is worth over $1 billion a year (how is it not more?) and the old sex is thriving with companies such as mail order DMM’s catalog of over 2000 films a month containing 400 “mature women” films.

One star of the boom is Shigeo Tokuda is 74-year-old man in Japan. Despite suffering a heart attack three years ago, the lifelong salaryman now feels healthier, and lives happily with his wife and a daughter in downtown Tokyo who have no idea he is a 14 year vet of the porn industry with over 350 films to his name. And you thought you had a good alter-ego.

Old balls.