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Daft Punk Coffee Table

June 23, 2008

This here is one of the few DIY projects I really want to try except I have no idea how to handle the electronics. Carpentry, piece of cake but the circuits and programming, I don’t know shit. These were apparently something you could buy from a store in the UK called Habitat but are no longer sold.

Daft Punk has always had a soft spot in my heart. From the melodic beats to the insanely cool videos, they are always pushing forward music in a direction not many venture into. They are definitely innovators.

Around The World Music Video after the jump for a bit of nostalgia.


Fancy Up The Wine Party

June 19, 2008

Wine is a great beast to try and conquer. Complex, various, elegant, uptight, snobby. Well when you have friends over you need to make sure you can accommodate everyone. For the snot nosed douche bag who thinks Santa Margherita is the pinnacle of pinot grigios (come on, it is an $18 bottle) you can laugh in his face while sipping some fine Oberon ’94 cab from these fine, hand blown glass solo cups.

These glasses are actually very nice and fancy despite their shape. Sure you can drink from some Reidell stemless red wine goblets (barf) or some Waterford Crystal glasses (they sure are nice) but when you got the beer pong cup on a stem, it is definitely the way to go.


New Look for MaoChan

June 18, 2008

What do you all think?

I know no one will answer but whatever, eat my ass.

Old People Sex: Latest Craze in Japanese Porn Industry

June 18, 2008

The lastest trend in the hotness that is the Japanese porn industry is the booming drive for eldery porn, the porn that has grandpa giving grandma the wrinkly boner. Japan’s adult industry is worth over $1 billion a year (how is it not more?) and the old sex is thriving with companies such as mail order DMM’s catalog of over 2000 films a month containing 400 “mature women” films.

One star of the boom is Shigeo Tokuda is 74-year-old man in Japan. Despite suffering a heart attack three years ago, the lifelong salaryman now feels healthier, and lives happily with his wife and a daughter in downtown Tokyo who have no idea he is a 14 year vet of the porn industry with over 350 films to his name. And you thought you had a good alter-ego.

Old balls.

Huge Release Coming

June 17, 2008

Hi Guys,

Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile but there is a big project I am getting ready to unleash. Here is a teaser picture:

Let that simmer for a bit.

Reflecting on Stupidity

June 4, 2008

Today’s Dilbert reminded me of a quote from my freshman year roommate that just help to add to the confusion of how the hell did he get into the same school:

“Everywhere I go, I carry two sacks so that if someone asks me to lend them a hand I can say ‘Hey I would like to but sorry, I’m carrying these sacks.'”

I really think that if he were to have had access to a sack repository, he would of been walking around with those two sacks all the time.

MaoChan is Going to PAX!!

June 2, 2008

Paint me brown and call me a goofer! It is official that MaoChan shall be trekking out to the Seattle area to attend PAX. While not a big deal to most, this is my first trip to somewhere totally new in awhile. I have never been to Seattle and thus I am very excited. I hope I can finally meet some readers and maybe even have a drink with you (psst… you’re buying).

I will keep you up to date on the happenings and in the meantime catch me on the PAX forums trying to find the best party possible in Seattle that weekend. It isn’t a party if The Party isn’t invited.