MaoChan is a blogging experience designed around the core idea that there is too much junk on the internet.

Many social bookmarking sites have tried to conquer this but in essence they are victim to the junk, due to too many cooks in the kitchen. Of the daily hundreds of bookmarks that show up on any of these given sites, maybe only 2 are truly worth a busy person’s time. That is why we clean through these sites, by hand, since machines can only be trusted so far.

Our mission here is to provide a place that delivers the top-tier of many sites but more so it brings you the items that make you say, “I gotta show someone this.” We want to be the site you RSS Feed because you know you will want to check out 90% of our posts. This is also why you don’t see the content uniformity that you find on other sites. There is no uniformity to everything, we want to be heterogeneous compound of everything. The place where you will see the funniest YTMND, the tastiest demi-glaze recipe, and the latest tech all in one shot.

Welcome to MaoChan and welcome to a new way to see the internet.



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