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2007 Yamanote Loop Line Halloween Party

October 25, 2007

Yamanote Loop Line Halloween Party

It is official and here are the details for this years party on the Loop Line:

The 2007 event is scheduled for Saturday, October 27, 2007. Festival-goers board the JR Yamanote Line at JR Shinjuku station, platform 13 (Yamanote bound for Ikebukuro). Japanese citizens as well as foreigners meet where car 10 stops, in front of the escalator from South exit. Everyone boards the 21:08 northbound train and loops around clockwise. Frequently everyone brings their own alcoholic beverages.

Another interesting item of note is the can the dude is holding, a drink called Chūhai (チューハイ or 酎ハイ), which I will elaborate on more. In the meantime, get your costume together and get ready for some ugly foreigners to be cramped into one train while drunk. Sounds like fun.

“Trick or Treat.”


World’s Most Expensive Scotches

October 24, 2007

Whisky Glass

MaoChan loves his Scotch. My old reliable is of course Johnnie Walker Black Label. I drink Blue Label when I am high rolling. But when it comes time to truly show that I got taste and the cash to burn like a big man, you got to be able to order like a big man. Macallan’s 18, on the rocks. No bullshit. But then there is scotch for people who just have too much money on their hands.

With the cheapest being $415 for a dram, this list doesn’t hold anything back. These are bottles that are more investment than for drinking pleasure. The way some are described are as if they are like drinking the ambrosia on Mt Olympus itself. Just reading the line about how to drink $51k Dalmore leads me to think that I would cream my pants. That or just bust out into song and dance.


Four Obscure Classic Drinks

October 10, 2007

Burnt Fuselage

I, as you probably know, am an avid imbiber of alcohol. Beer has for the most part been conquered and now I have moved on to wine and hard alcohol to discover new frontiers. My quest had first taken me to find a drink called a Green Dragon. I ended up learning that I am not a fan of Chartreuse hence I have a bottle of it in my freezer.

The next, and recently conquered, quest was for a Burnt Fuselage. While not as fancy or exotic as the Green Dragon, this was right up my alley. I am a huge fan of Cognac and having grown up in Florida I might as well have orange juice for blood. The result? An orangey cognac with a hint of sweet that just goes down smooth. A new favorite up there with the French Horn.


My Roommate is Such a Dick!

September 25, 2007

Roommates such a Dick

I was lucky, I had good roommates in college. Even my freshman year roommate who became a hermite was cool. I didn’t end up like so many other people, living with some gross asshole that makes you hate life itself. Well if you are for some reason, now you have a public forum in which to complain and share the douchebag moments that plague you at My Roommate is Such a Dick!

One favorite is this entry:

Dear Roommate,
Puh-lease stop flexing every time you take a photo with our crew. We get it. You go to the gym. We’re all really impressed. I’m gonna start photoshopping you out if you don’t stop.

What a douche. Updated with 50% more working link.

Starting Shit in Japan: A Prisoner’s Tale

September 11, 2007

RikiOh Prison

I have been witness to this exact sort of shenanigans. Foreigners are out for a good time and encounter a drunk. He starts talking trash and almost everyone ignores it. Next thing you know there is a Royal Rumble going down in the back alley filled with hookers and love hotels. For one gaijin, here is his story of imprisonment and just how bad he thought the Japanese prison system is.

All I can say is, if you go abroad, bring the lube for your cornhole if you are going to start anything….or if you are the kind of person to start things while drunk. Otherwise next thing you know you are in a cell in Turkey getting beaten and raped for years on end.

“Would you like some Merlot? I make it in the toilet!”

Halloween on the Yamanote Loop Line

August 24, 2007

Japanese Halloween

Halloween in Japan is a fun time, people dress up and all the shops get into it. I think another reason is that in the fall, it is the only holiday to celebrate as there is no such thing as Thanksgiving. As such, once Halloween is over, it kicks right into Christmas time which is cool because it really gives you time to get into the Christmas spirit. One of the coolest traditions that occurs is the infamous Yamanote Loop Line parties.

In Tokyo there is the super transit system called the subway. Unlike NYC or other major cities, the Tokyo subway is a thing of beauty. Surrounding the city in a loop is the Yamanote line. It makes a loop of Tokyo roughly every hour. Well for Halloween, all the gaijin organize and unofficial party on the train. Everyone gets dressed up, bringing booze and stereos, and then party the night away riding the loop.


Nonjatta, The Japanese Whisky Blog

August 9, 2007

Nonjatta, The Japanese Whisky Blog

After the long day today, hence the late posts, I sure could go for some whisky. I am a huge fan of Scotch and whisky, nothing better to drink straight up or on the rocks. The flavor and aromas just set the senses on fire, it envelops you as you slurp it down. Some of the best memories in Japan in involved whisky as you could get it just as easy as beer, even out of a vending machine.

Nonjatta is a blog that focuses on Japanese whisky. Written by the ShizuokaGurume guy, this is in english and will help you further delve into the rabbit hole that is hard alcohol. From where to buy and what are standard pricing to insure you are not getting ripped off, he covers it all. Time for some Johnny Walker Black on the rocks, just like I like my women. Covered in ice and smelling of oak and malt.

Single Malt.