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Hottest Cosplay Characters

May 23, 2008

Cosplay has been covered on here a few times, highlighting the good and the very fucking terrible. Well this next batch will not disappoint. Not just looking good but these are some of the most accurate to the source cosplayers out there. No fat rolls or off color mistakes here.

One to note is the Final Fantasy VI cosplayer dressed as Celes. Not only did she dress the part but she did it in style by dressing as the original Amano artwork Celes, including a very stylized sword. I thought that was a nice touch to show the original source material. Because really if she dressed as Celes from the game, she would be a 50 pixel high block of random squares and color.

Dress up.

Gyagu Manga Biyori Video Anime Shorts

May 9, 2008

Gyagu Manga Biyori, which translates directly as Good Day for Gag Manga is something I wish I had known about earlier. Just like Azumanga Daioh, these shorts are based on extremely short manga, not full books. They are animated into short clips that are only a few minutes long. And extremely hilarious.

When first viewing them, I initially drew a parallel to The Ping Pong Club which still takes the cake for most fucked up series of anime ever. This was like that except in a work friendly, shortened version. So far Gyagu Manga Biyori seems to be a win and I hope to find more. Hit the jump for the other videos and also take a look over at TV in Japan who posted these.


ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版: Rebuild of Evangelion

May 5, 2008

Although not the newest news to those who are heavily into anime in Japan, i.e. you cried like a bitch when Gundam 00 ended on the cliffhanger, the latest Gainax venture has started to show up on torrents titled Rebuild of Evangelion. Just like how Blade Runner was made but the technology did not exist for the true vision to occur, Hideaki Anno has now streamlined the story and is making a 4 movie epic of the story Evangelion. Made in HD with amazing redraws of scenes, this shall be nothing to look down on.

While I don’t condone piracy (yeah right, that is just for the fuckhole MPAA so you can eat my anus) this has not yet even been given thought on being brought over here in some disgusting repackage on DVD at $30 a disc. Instead hop on over to Anime Suki and get the first part right now. Remember to download the giant 1.45 gig version as it is in 720p goodness.

Shake yo boot like a bootlegga!


April 9, 2008

Supacomputa? Cheku? Beemu Soorodo? Cheku? Gundam Iko!

Now that will be a possibility if you have $742 Million adn access to Apache helicopter engines, bullet train motors, and massive amounts of money. According to Takayuki Furuta , the director of the Future Robotics Technology Center in Chiba, Japan, we should be able to build a 60 foot tall killing machine for a mere $1 billion dollars (I say the rest is labor cost).

Next stop, the space colonies. I will have my revenge on Celestial Being.


Real Sumo: Why Tickets Cost So Much

March 31, 2008

Everyone has heard of Sumo wrestling. The sport of two fat dudes in thongs playing grab ass till someone falls out of the ring or to the floor. Well that is what Japan wants you to think, mainly due to the fact that the truth is too dangerous to let out to the rest of the world. Sumo is actually a colliding battle of gargantuan titans, that unleash untold energy that can cleave the arena, nigh, the world in two.

From the burning intensity in the competitor’s eyes to the power grapples, everything is full of explosive Hi-NRG! Do not make the mistake of thinking that what we all know as sumo is sumo. This video was secretly taken at an event in Japan, only 15,000 causalities were reported.


Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 Photo Tour

March 27, 2008

Tokyo Anime Fair 2008

The guys over at the always awesome Akihabara News took a trip over to the Tokyo Anime Fair and provided a great gallery of photos. The fair brings in many Japanese TV channel or Studios that are there to promote the next year’s big items such as the new Macross series which will start airing in April. As always was the ever present Gundam. By the way, ever wonder where Gundanium comes from?

Gundanium’s name is actually an acronym; it stands for Genetic on Universal Neutrally Different Alloy. The suffix -nium was added to distinguish it from similar alloys being made on Earth. In the After Colony Universe, the word “Gundam” is derived from this acronym (GUNDAnium Mobile suit). Despite this fact, not every mobile suit made with Gundanium is a Gundam (examples: Vayeate, Mercurius).


S&M Cosplay

January 7, 2008

S&M Cosplay

I am not really sure what the hell she is supposed to be cosplaying as other than a sexual deviant. Now don’t get me wrong, deviant acts are just one of many things I like to do on a given afternoon but currently I am baffled as to who the hell she could be dressed up as.

Maybe it is the Asian spin on some Club WonderSeXXX aka Eurotrip cosplay. But that sure would be a random thing to dress as. As always I am just glad it wasn’t some white fatties cuz otherwise the results turn out horrific to say the least.

“Crack that whip.”

Metroid Cosplay

November 19, 2007

Metroid Cosplay

Now I realize that you might have thought after reading the title, “Who the hell would dress as a metroid?” If you did think that, turn in your gamer badge now and leave in disgrace. When speaking of metroid cosplay, people are always speaking on the topic of the what could be hot but usually is not portrayal of Samus Aran. Well I think you can see from above, it could be and it is hot.

In what is a disappointment to perverts all around, no there are no Zero Suit Samus pictures in this set. But there are some awesome Saya from Blood : The Last Vampire anime. Blood was a cool short film set in post-WWII Japan, a few months before the beginning of the Vietnam War. Its main protagonist is a girl named Saya, who rocks the Casbah vampiric demons with a vengeance.

(Cuz Samus never talks)

Akira Motorcycle Prototype

November 13, 2007

Akira was one of the first anime (along with Odin, Vampire Hunter D, Robotech, Ronin Warriors) that I saw as a little kid back when it first came out. I didn’t know at the time what anime was, just that it was cool looking and different from the Looney Tunes that were the Saturday morning fair.

Now you soon hopefully will be able to own your very own Kaneda motorcycle. Sure it isn’t the crazy beast that Kaneda himself drove but at least this is a step towards that. If you are wondering exactly the specs on his bike, hit the jump for a full breakdown.


Hello Kitty Hairball

November 2, 2007

Stupid YouTube took it down due to copyrights so instead you can read the wisdom of how Hello Kitty Has No Mouth.

When we had Mao, she should lower down and start huffing but nothing came out of her. But a hell of a lot came out the other end. Goddamn cat was a poop factory. It was like she had quotas to meet some nights. She probably wouldn’t have been so small if she didn’t crap so much.

If you ever wondered, those other guys are Hello Kitty’s friends Keroppi and Badtz Maru. She has a ton of friends, but the coolest is Shinkansen. He just rides the rails and the bitches all night long. He is a literal sex machine.

Via Japundit