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Uncivil Servants

April 24, 2008

Douchebags are everywhere and in a city like New York City, there seem to be more due to the fact that they are all crammed in next to each other. But douchebaggery is not limited to just normal people, even people in civil servant jobs can abuse their status. Shocking, isn’t it? To think that people abuse their power, I am appalled.

Well over at Uncivil Servants, they are fighting back. From calling the cops on repeat offenders and taking photos to post who is being a dick, they hope to clean up some of the mean streets of NYC. Apparently there isn’t much action being taken against the people they report but they are trying to fight the tide of incompetence one bad park job at a time.

Parking, $20.


Took Long Enough: Danica Patrick

April 21, 2008

On average it takes an open wheel driver 33 races before they win their first. Well it has taken Danica Patrick 50 but now she finally won. So will people finally stop paying attention to her. But she is a woman blah blah blah…. I don’t care. It is like focusing on the horse that never wins the Kentucky Derby or the Buffalo Bills. Who cares what novelty they got going and realize that she can’t hang with the other drivers. Not because she is a woman but because she isn’t as good.

I know its all a PR game to get lady fans in the seats but parading around this girl who can’t perform just for the sake of her being a woman has got to be embarrassing for her and her team. Right now they claim loss and under performance has been due to team choices such as their car’s frame not having been updated in awhile but we will see. If she keeps winning then good, but if she sucks it again then just take this horse and put her out to pasture.

Bout time.

Alex Roy: Cannonballer/True American Man

October 17, 2007

Cannonball runners

The real reason to post about Lelouch’s famous run is because of this man, Alex Roy. He and his copilot did what many thought was impossible, drive 2,795 miles from NYC to Cali in under 32 hours and 7 minutes. The gear?

Twenty packs of Nat Sherman Classic Light cigarettes, check. Breath mints, check. Glucose and guarana, Visine and riboflavin, Gatorade and Red Bull, mail-order porta-pissoir bags of quick-hardening gel, check.

Oh and add in a heavily customized BMW E90 M5 with spy gear to monitor cops and a watch plane to scout out the traffic and road conditions. Also two years of planning to beat a 22 year standing record. We, men that is, tip our hats to you Alex Roy.

“Gasoline Burnin’!”

C’était Un Rendez-vous by Claude Lelouch

October 17, 2007

In light of the recent breaking of the TransAmerica driving record, here is the video that has inspired pretty much everyone and anyone who has wanted to go fast. C’était Un Rendez-vous by Claude Lelouch is a short 9 minute true tour dé force of driving, showcasing one man’s speed trip through the streets of France.

There has been criticism on how fast the car was traveling where some say never faster than 140 km/h (85 mph). Lelouch himself claimed that the top speed achieved was over 200 km/h, somewhere between 230 km/h and 240 km/h. Also the soundtrack is dubbed as Lelouch himself as stated that the car was a Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9 which was only available with a 3-speed automatic transmission. Yet, one can hear gear changes up into 5th, with a high-revving engine indicating speeds of well over 200 km/h. This video is art.

A votre sante.

Japanese Otaku Gas Tank Covers

August 23, 2007

Otaku Gas Tank Cover

I wish I was making up that text in the photo but that is actually what it says. In Japan, Otaku know how to glitz up anything with a fancy picture of their favorite anime girls. From their blenders to their cars, everything gets the treatment. You might think that these are piss poor jobs of nerds but they are actually highly detailed, well done mods on cars.

These photos were taken at Comiket, Comic Market, which is has got to be the largest anime convention in the world with over a quarter million in attendance in the 3 days it is on per year. I think I will just paint my hood of my Passat with this image from Urotsukidoji. Cuz that shit is hawt. And as the ladies say about me, “I Fuck Like A Beast”.

Hai Oku.

PS-I love you Pink Tentacle 😉

Ambulance For Canadian Fatties

June 26, 2007

Fatty Ambulance

Coming from the boys at Gizmodo, they have an article link about a new Canadian ambulance for fat people. In accordance with the ever growing waistbands of the developed world, these new super ambulii (the plural for ambulance) will be able to handle people up to 1000 lbs (450 kg) in weight.

Now what I think is messed up is that people, rather than think “man people are getting pretty fat we should do something” thought instead “let us build a big ambulance for the fat-tards.” I mean I can understand people have weight issues and for some it is genetic. But some people just eat so fucking much they get this fat, that shit is gross.

I will eat you.

PopeMobile Pulls Aggro

June 7, 2007


Yesterday from AP, there was a security scare as a deranged, mentally imbalanced German man hopped the security fences and stormed the PopeMobile. This isn’t the first time the horde has tried to gank the Pope and his Mobile.

There was an assassination attempt against Pope John Paul II by Turkish gunman Mehmet Ali Agca in 1981. John Paul suffered a severe abdominal wound as he rode in an open jeep at the start of his weekly audience in the Vatican piazza — the same event as Wednesday’s.

Bow before the PopeRims.