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China Lifts 1 Baby Ban For Victims

June 2, 2008

In the recent times in China, there was the earthquake that destroyed and killed so many people. Lives were ended and families torn apart. One thing many people haven’t realized is that for lots of families, the death of the child was the death of the family. In China, the 1 baby law is still in effect.

In light of the horror of loosing your only chance to pass on your family’s genes and appease the Forefathers, the Chengdu committee is now modifying the rules in allowing a family with one legal child, that was killed, to apply for another child license. People who lost their legal child and have an illegal kid can now obtain legal status for said living infraction.


Johnnie Worker: Red Labial

June 2, 2008

I found a new sauce that can take the edge off. No it’s not a bottle of Macallan’s 21 or even say some good ol’ Dewars. It is Johnnie Worker Red Labial. Smooth, refreshing with a hint of tang. Poon tang some might note.

For the party, for the Worker.

China to World: SCREW YOU!

May 9, 2008

The latest news to come out of China is that people are shocked that the Chinese government might not fully release its stranglehold on the internet there. For those unaware, like most people protesting China for no reason other than to look cool, the Party does not allow full internet access. There is the Great Firewall of China which blocks any sites that are deemed unworthy.

In the recent past Wang Wei, executive vice president of the Beijing Olympic organizers, had promised media would have “complete freedom” to report over the event, but stupid dolts are realizing that “complete freedom” means whatever the Party says is okay. Really, this is nothing new. Just like how China will not commit to preventing piracy of Olympic branded goods, it is just too hard and they really just don’t care. They are busy anyways fighting to break the bonds of democratic oppression in which we are all bounded by. SAVE ME!!!

For the Gold!

Nagano Torch Relay News

April 25, 2008

JapanProbe is running some good coverage of the Nagano torch relay. The Japanese police are heavily present and have banned the public from the start, midpoint, and end of the relay. Hundreds of Falun Gong members were there to protest but they will be crushed with a rumored 10,000 Pro Chinese show up.

When the Australian torch relay occurred, the protesters were met with thousands of Chinese who blocked them from complaining. I hope the same thing happens, that the Chinese just outnumber and allow the torch to run.


Pro-China Protest in Toronto

April 9, 2008

So everyone should have heard about the upcoming protest today against China when the Olympic Torch passes through San Francisco. Well as you may have read, I would be out there with the Chinese Paramilitary as I support China on this issue and apparently so do protesters in Toronto. The crowd was “two hundred mainly Mandarin speaking young Chinese shouting ‘One China’”.

What I find hilarious in these US protests is that 90% of the people are white, well-off, and have never even left America. Even in the shots of the San Francisco protesters gathering, there was slim to nil Asian people in a city who is predominately Asian. And their leader is Richard Gere. Well let me ask you Richard Gere, what would you be saying if all of the sudden Puerto Rico was tired of being America’s bitch and tried to leave? Would you be saying “give them their freedom”?

Go China!

Tibet: Ungrateful Assholes

April 1, 2008

China, Tibet and the Yangtze

First let me start off by saying that I am actually not Chinese, nor even Asian. Yes I speak decent Japanese and got a degree in it and also East Asian Religion. I also took way too many courses on Asian history, politics, and economics than a normal person should. I say this in backing my stance in that it comes from an educated view and not just a “we all need to be free and happy” bullshit.

There is the whole issue of Tibet currently happening (if you don’t know go read a newspaper you American-centric douche) and there is more to this than all these hipster American protesters wish for the average person to know. Why? Because siding with things like the Dali Llama is cool. First off, issues such as this are nothing new to China. Go look up the Mongols and their treatment in the past, and also the past and current issues of the Uyghur in Xinijang. I bet you didn’t know there were Chinese Turkic people who don’t even look Chinese.

What is happening is Tibet right now is stupid. And by stupid I mean Tibet is being stupid. What are they hoping to accomplish? Stopping the influx of Chinese government money? Stop the support of infrastructure programs such as hospitals, schools, roads? Maybe they don’t like how their life expectancy had jumped from around 30 years to almost 60 years due to Chinese control? People need to stop with all the hype and ask this, what the hell will Tibet do if they actually become autonomous? The country can’t export or make any money to survive! Example: “Tibet’s GDP in 2001 was 13.9 billion yuan (USD1.8billion). The Central government (China) exempts Tibet from all taxation and provides 90% of Tibet’s government expenditures.” Wow, so in other words without China Tibet will be super fucked. Sure there was the recent discovery of mineral deposit under the Tibetan Plateau which people say has a value of $128 billion but is going to dig it out? The Dali Llama sure can’t pray money out of the ground.

So before you go and say that quelling protesters is bad, rethink your position first with more facts. I am not saying you can’t be against it but just read on the topic before you start spouting out dribble that makes no sense.

Personally I side with China. After reading on the issue, and even talking with Han Chinese who are from the Mainland, it definitely seems dumb for Tibet to just try and leave the Party. The country will fall back into its pre-China feudal times and end up a backwards 3rd world zone where relief workers will need to be sent. A great quote from Erik D. Curren’s Buddha’s Not Smiling: Uncovering Corruption at the Heart of Tibetan Buddhism Today:

History belies the Shangri-La image of Tibetan lamas and their followers living together in mutual tolerance and nonviolent goodwill. Indeed, the situation was quite different. Old Tibet was much more like Europe during the religious wars of the Counterreformation.

Tibet is like a kid who wants to touch the hot stove, you gotta smack their hand but some just don’t learn. Want a good example of a child with a burnt hand, go look at Serbia now that America and everyone else let them “be free”.

Stupid, stupid fools.

MSG: The Wonder Seasoning

March 6, 2008


Monosodium glutamate. For some reason that word has had such a stigma and for no reason. People all over Asia have used it forever and no one has died due to it being in food. But of course here in the US, people find out that something like MSG was being used and they freak and thus your parents have ground in into your stupid, impressionable brain that MSG is a bad guy. Well fret not my fine feathered friend. People are starting to realize that not only is MSG not bad in reasonable doses but that it is also found in EVERYTHING!!

From professional cooks who just add it in to using ingredients that have it in them, lots of people have been ingesting items full of MSG and wondering to themselves, “Wow! Why is this so good.” For example is the bastardization of sushi that has grown popular in America such as the Spicy Tuna roll. Why is that so good? That’s due to the Japanese mayo, Kewpie Mayo, that is loaded with MSG. And by the way you posers, eat some sashimi for once in awhile. A deep fried, fake crab and avocado roll with MSG sauce does not constitute you being a “sushi eater”. It makes you a crap eater.

Mmmmmm. MSG.