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MaoChan Wants Lighting Awesomeness

July 1, 2008

I have always wanted to live in a techno color tube of funk. Now that might actually happen. Just watch.


BankQuest Levels Up Your Money

June 23, 2008

I am tired of having change all around. I hate pennies and wish I could do something useful like play a game when I have a pocket full of nickels and dimes. Now with BankQuest you can take those slivers of metal and turn them into weapons and armor for your adventurer as you play through this RPG quest.

Made by Takara, famous for their Walkie Bits and other toys, the BankQuest will hold yup to 50,000 yen which is $500 American although I assume less since we don’t have $1 & $5 coins in our country and NO that stupid Sacajawea didn’t pan out into real currency so it doesn’t count. Goes on sale August 7th.

That sword, I’ll pay a fine price.

Daft Punk Coffee Table

June 23, 2008

This here is one of the few DIY projects I really want to try except I have no idea how to handle the electronics. Carpentry, piece of cake but the circuits and programming, I don’t know shit. These were apparently something you could buy from a store in the UK called Habitat but are no longer sold.

Daft Punk has always had a soft spot in my heart. From the melodic beats to the insanely cool videos, they are always pushing forward music in a direction not many venture into. They are definitely innovators.

Around The World Music Video after the jump for a bit of nostalgia.


April 9, 2008

Supacomputa? Cheku? Beemu Soorodo? Cheku? Gundam Iko!

Now that will be a possibility if you have $742 Million adn access to Apache helicopter engines, bullet train motors, and massive amounts of money. According to Takayuki Furuta , the director of the Future Robotics Technology Center in Chiba, Japan, we should be able to build a 60 foot tall killing machine for a mere $1 billion dollars (I say the rest is labor cost).

Next stop, the space colonies. I will have my revenge on Celestial Being.


Press Button. Receive Bacon. Enjoy Bacon.

January 9, 2008

Enjoy Bacon

Over the years, none recently, I have partaken in my fair share of property defacement. By the hands of a paint can or other means (including but not limited to bologna). I never though was able to really gain the skill to tag, just destroy. But some people tag but with humor in mind and I wish there was more of that than just seeing “EH3BOYZ 4 LIFE” or whatever other illiterate shit that people might put up.

My favorite one is above and I will definitely be doing it once I find some place that has a sign as such. The warm, happy feelings I get when I think to myself that in some place, somewhere, there might actually be a bacon faucet is the stuff dreams are made of. Now to find the bacon shower.


Baby Blender

December 17, 2007

Baby Blender

Of the people who I have met over time, they always come back to one constant. They always say, “You find the line and don’t just cross it. You take a flying leap over it.” Well there was so far one line I can think of that I hadn’t crossed and that was the dead baby line. Well now at least you can think me disgusting while you take a sip of your drink fresh from the baby blender. And how better to put a smile on that face covered in baby juices than some dead baby in blender jokes?

What’s red and white and goes around?
A baby in a blender.

Why do you put a baby in the blender feet first?
So you can watch its expression.

What’s red and white, goes round and round and pretends it doesn’t give a shit?
A baby in a blender that flicked its own switch.

Why do they boil water when a baby’s born?
So that if it’s born dead, they can make soup.

I threw in that last one on the house, cuz it is hilarious.

*If you didn’t figure it out, this is a joke. The “blender” is a bathtub…. for grinding babies.

“Like ribs… only baby.”

Akira Motorcycle Prototype

November 13, 2007

Akira was one of the first anime (along with Odin, Vampire Hunter D, Robotech, Ronin Warriors) that I saw as a little kid back when it first came out. I didn’t know at the time what anime was, just that it was cool looking and different from the Looney Tunes that were the Saturday morning fair.

Now you soon hopefully will be able to own your very own Kaneda motorcycle. Sure it isn’t the crazy beast that Kaneda himself drove but at least this is a step towards that. If you are wondering exactly the specs on his bike, hit the jump for a full breakdown.