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Zelda Mobile

February 22, 2008

Zelda Mobile

If you don’t like Zelda, if you don’t crave Zelda, if you think Link is homo, then you need to go die in a fire right now. There are very few games that you can go back to each time that sucks you in like a Zelda game. From Link to the Past to Twilight Princess, there is a level of quality that Zelda brings that is rarely found in gaming. But it is more than production value, it is a feeling of true adventure. And now you can take it along with you. Fully redone and reprogrammed, the original Zelda has been remade with the GBA graphics palette (Minnish Cap/Four Swords) but for your Java enabled phone.

I just downloaded the game and it is one of, if not, the best cell phone game out there. It was easy to install and get going. If you are wondering, I am currently using a Motorola SLVR L7e from Hong Kong. So even though it was very easy for me to get it going it might not be so easy for you. Also if you were wondering, my favorite Zelda of all time is Link’s Awakening DX. Nothing beats the giant egg.

HEY! Listen!!

Tachikoma to Invade Your Pasokon

October 15, 2007

PC Tachikoma

Next on MaoChan’s shopping list is this amazing tachikoma model from Bandai. Going on sale in Japan in February, they will be remote controlled via USB. Tachikoma will be “able to read you your email, to move, to start applications, and you will even be able to play with it thanks to some mini games that Bandai developed for it.”

If you have no idea what a tachikoma is, they are from Ghost in the Shell best described as a “spider type multi leg combat vehicle equipped with artificial intelligence”. As you all know, Ghost in the Shell is an amazing movie/anime. I use the term movie since the film version by Mamoru Oshii is one of the best films ever delving into topics such as human identity, death, and integration of technology with the human body.


Disturbing Windows386 Commercial

September 13, 2007

What was wrong with some people in the 80’s? Was it the CFCs in the hairspray? Or all that New Coke that was being digested? Whatever it was, it made people into retards who thought anything and everything was cool. Take this commercial for Windows386 edition.

From the bad costumes, plot, and Blondie-inspired rap song, hopefully someone did not get a promotion for this. Sadly the truth is that the guy in charge of this probably got laid and some extra nose candy thrown his way. Because that is how things were in the 80’s, coke fueled poon-tang binges and crimped hair. My oh my how the times have changed.

Find Your Local Perverts with Vision 20/20

August 28, 2007

Vision 20/20

People live among people, we have neighbors and friends. But how well do you know that guy with the brown dog down the street? Or the lady with the funky colorful lawn full of flamingos? Well for all you know they might be deviant, child molesting, genital exposing, sexual assaulting freaks. Now with Vision 20/20, you can google-earth-esque look at the whose who in your neighborhood of sexual perverts.

Most people don’t realize it but they usually live close to someone who has committed a sex crime. The only good way to prevent that is to live close to a school since people that have been convicted can’t. All I know is that the crimes these people do to kids is disgusting and that they should go live on a sinking boat in the Pacific Ocean.

Gross but informative.

DIY Droste/Escher Effect Tutorial

August 8, 2007

DIY Droste

Now here is a cool photo that you can do but would not be able to actually take in real life, unless your pretty flexible. It is called a Droste effect:

a Dutch term for a specific kind of recursive picture[1], one that in heraldry is termed mise en abyme.

Now you are probably wondering what is mise en abyme?

The term is originally from the French and means, “placing into infinity” or “placing into the abyss”. The commonplace usage of the phrase is to describe the visual experience of standing between two mirrors, seeing an infinite proliferation of one’s image.

There you go. Now bust out the Photoshop and get to work with this tutorial.

Gödel, Escher, Bach, MaoChan

Watch TV on Demand For Free With Joost

July 26, 2007


I can’t tell you how cool this is, watching Generation 1 Transformers on demand at work. Nothing like getting your Starscream fix on the clock. With Joost you can stream any number of TV shows, movies, documentaries and flip through them like it was live TV. With a high quality feed and real backing from companies such as Warner Bros. & Paramount, you know this is going to be great.

Right now selection is good but is growing daily. The sign up is a little complicated as it requires them to hand out invitations on a first come, first serve basis. But once you are up and rolling, it is the hotness. Now to go get all worked up watching Megatron spout off some ridiculous speech on how much cooler he is than Bumblebee.


Dork Casts Virgin Forever-oosa With Harry Potter Computer “Spells”

July 18, 2007

Harr Potter Virgin

In what is to be a surefire way to guarantee that this man never sees a vagina, he has hooked up his computer to respond to voice commands that control his computer. But never would a 1337 h4xxz0r like him use english, such as “Open Internet” for example. He uses Harry Potter derived “spells” to do so.

Now I am not saying that Harry Potter is for sexless dorks, even I enjoy the movies. That’s right, even the sex machine MaoChan enjoys Potter. But could you imagine a girl’s reaction to this when he is sitting there yelling out retarded commands to just turn on iTunes. You gotta do it slick like I do with one finger snap. The lights go down and the Barry White turns on. OOOHHH BABY!!

Wanna See My Wand?