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MaoChan Wants Lighting Awesomeness

July 1, 2008

I have always wanted to live in a techno color tube of funk. Now that might actually happen. Just watch.


Go Watch WALL•E

June 30, 2008

It is as simple as that, you need to go watch WALL•E. If you want to stop reading that’s fine because you already read the most important part of what I am going to say. Incase you missed it, go watch WALL•E.

Pixar has created an amazing gem of a film here that really blurs the lines of what is a kid’s film and what is a movie for adults. From the sober opening to the goofy robot chase, everything just works and clicks. What they did was create an amazing sci-fi film with a great atmosphere and message and then wrapped it in a cute and loving animation that everyone can like. For me, Pixar hit it with Toy Story 2, then it was Monsters, Inc. and now WALL•E takes the top pedestal position. I don’t want to say much more other than that and also the short film at the opening of the movie, a Pixar standard, is now their best as well. And yes, it does have a hoedown in it.

Gran Turismo Creator Takes on the ‘Ring

May 2, 2008

So what would you expect if you threw your average game developer into his own game? Would Wil Wright be able to handle fighting a bunch of Spores? Would Jon Romero own his own ass in Daikatana? Would Peter Molyneux be crushed under uncompleted, buggy code and unfulfilled promises in Black & White? Well it turns out that if you stick GT creator Kazunori Yamauchi in a new Nissan GT-R and place him on a wet Nurburgring, he just ends up hauling ass at 193MPH.

The creator of the greatest racing game ever tackles the real life version of his own game and it turns out the man can handle his own. An auto enthusiast, which you would like to think considering how long GT has been is career, he goes on a nice outing in Germany. Too bad they don’t make all game devs make sure that they can do what they code. I wonder if Kojima CQC’s people in the office when they don’t meet deadlines.

DIY QR Codes

April 15, 2008

A great post from Tokyo Mango has coverage on a tech product that most Americans do not know exist. They are called QR Codes, the funky blocky things found above. What you do is take a picture with your cellphone and it can transmit data such as web addresses, phone numbers, pretty much anything. The main use is to link to a URL that will then have info on the item you are looking at.

Above is the QR Code that will take you to yours truly. These things really are everywhere in Japan, from Coke machines to in the supermarket. Some people even get QR Code tattoos so that someone can pic thier tattoo and find out stuff about them, like that they are into tattoos and QR Codes.

Go make your own.


April 9, 2008

Supacomputa? Cheku? Beemu Soorodo? Cheku? Gundam Iko!

Now that will be a possibility if you have $742 Million adn access to Apache helicopter engines, bullet train motors, and massive amounts of money. According to Takayuki Furuta , the director of the Future Robotics Technology Center in Chiba, Japan, we should be able to build a 60 foot tall killing machine for a mere $1 billion dollars (I say the rest is labor cost).

Next stop, the space colonies. I will have my revenge on Celestial Being.


What The Hell am I Going to Read Now?

March 19, 2008

Arthur C Clarke

When I read, I find an author I like and then I go through and try and read everything that someone has written. Arthur C. Clarke was one of those, as he was one of if not the greatest hard sci-fi writers to ever have lived. He is in the pantheon with Asimov (I, Robot) and Heinlein (Starship Troopers) whose books have inspired inventions such as his 1945 article in Wireless World magazine which led to the invention of of a worldwide communications network based on fixed satellites orbiting Eath at 22,300 miles in 1963 by Syncom II.

From the Rama series to his latest series A Time Odyssey co-written with Stephen Baxter (the new Clarke), Clarke’s books were more than just science fiction adventures about robots, they delved into the human mind on how technology has and will shape emotions and relationships. He brought the human aspect to the genre of robots.

He lived his final years in Sri Lanka where he died at the age of 90 due to a cardio-respiratory attack.

Watch his last message to all.

Zelda Mobile

February 22, 2008

Zelda Mobile

If you don’t like Zelda, if you don’t crave Zelda, if you think Link is homo, then you need to go die in a fire right now. There are very few games that you can go back to each time that sucks you in like a Zelda game. From Link to the Past to Twilight Princess, there is a level of quality that Zelda brings that is rarely found in gaming. But it is more than production value, it is a feeling of true adventure. And now you can take it along with you. Fully redone and reprogrammed, the original Zelda has been remade with the GBA graphics palette (Minnish Cap/Four Swords) but for your Java enabled phone.

I just downloaded the game and it is one of, if not, the best cell phone game out there. It was easy to install and get going. If you are wondering, I am currently using a Motorola SLVR L7e from Hong Kong. So even though it was very easy for me to get it going it might not be so easy for you. Also if you were wondering, my favorite Zelda of all time is Link’s Awakening DX. Nothing beats the giant egg.

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