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WTW: Feudalism

November 9, 2007


I will start by saying sorry for slacking on the Weekend Time Wasters. Well now that I think about it, I have no idea if people like these so maybe it is a wash. Anyways, the game for this week is Feudalism. This is almost like a free flash version of Bladestorm, which is surprisingly fun from playing the demo on Xbox 360. You are in command of a hero and he has a squad who does the bulk of the fighting. Your goal is to move from city to city doing quests for money but eventually challenging the towns for control.

Another cool aspect is that you pick your starting character which can be a Nordic warrior, an Arab Sheik looking dude, to a Ninja/Samurai warlord. Nothing like recreating real life history of the great battle of Machu-Tokyo-Arabia when all the great forces around the world clashed in the mountainous jungle desert and would lead to the formation of the Trans-American/Asian/Muslim Telegraph system. God I love history, especially when I make it up like text books do.

“My Liege.”


WTW: Portal – The Flash Version

October 12, 2007

WTW Portal

I just got the Orange Box on Wednesday and so far it has proven to be some of the best money I have ever spent on a game. It is a 5 in 1 that is actually 5 games you want to play in 1 box. It isn’t one of those 5 shitty Atari games in 1 crappy box type things. The most innovative in the pack is Portal.

Portal is a trippy puzzle game about using two portals to move around through a testing facility. Now you can get in on the action, minus the creepy child-voice robots, online with Portal – The Flash Version. It is Portal in 2d online for free to fulfill those moments you are without your Xbox 360. Gabe Newell, I tip my hat to you.

Party-escort submission position.

WTW: Dark Cut

September 28, 2007

WTW Dark Cut

While it is not the longest game around, it does excel when it comes to quality. Take Trauma Center on the Nintendo DS and add a healthy shot of pirates and you get Dark Cut. This is one where I will leave it to the gameplay to boost itself. The only knock against it is that it only has 3 patients and thus it is short.


WTW: Tactics 100 Live

September 14, 2007

Tactics100 Live

Now here is a real Weekend Time Waster. Knights, mages, healers, strategy, online multiplayer, and it is free. Tactics 100 Live is shaping up to be huge in terms of flash games. Never have I seen such quality in a strategy game that is flash based. You get to build a team of knights, archers, healers, and mages. You then pit yourself against either the computer or other players online to see who has not only the best team build but also actual tactics in commanding your team.

I really like this game, it reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics but with a fast paced multiplayer component to it. It is nice too that even if the other team seems better than your guys, you can still win just with better maneuvering and micro management. Also really, everyone needs yet another way to wave their “e-penis” in some other guys face.


WTW: Peggle

September 7, 2007


Finally can we over here on this side of the ocean get some panchinko loving. Peggle, from PopCap Games, is a digital pachinko game that has you sending metal balls into the unlit pegs. Your goal is to knock out the orange pegs with 10 balls. You get some help from power ups and also from the moving collector at the bottom where if you get a ball into the collector, you get a free ball.

Pachinko is one of those Japanese things that lots of people know about but never really go do. Smoke filled and possibly the loudest places ever, pachinko parlors are amazingly colorful delights for the eyes. Even just looking seems to be enough and it doesn’t cost you a Yen. Best part of Peggle is no Yakuza shakedowns for winning too much.


WTW: Fancy Pants Adventures

August 31, 2007

Fancy Pants Adventures

This one goes out to the real Fancy Pants, you know who you are. This is a great game that could easily find its way onto XBox Live or PSN due to the quality and time put into this. Fancy Pants Adventures is a full blown action/platformer with unlockables and levels. The art design is top notch so you definitely should check it out.

Hopefully you will enjoy this as much as I have along with other games at Kongregate, they have a good rating system and even a badge collection that, just like Achievements, can help you wave around your e-Penis in someone else’s face.

Man, those pants sure are fancy.

WTW: Platform Racing

July 27, 2007

Platform Racing

On today’s episode of Weekend Time Waster is Platform Racing. MotoGP is in the thick of it, as well as the Tour De France so racing fever is spreading around. Get out some of your aggression and wave your e-penis in Platform Racing, an addictive and fun flash game.

Using the 4 arrow keys and the Spacebar, it is an all out race to the finish line. You can collect weapons which do anything from making you run faster to teleporters and guns. And the finishers get points based on place and how many people are in the race, which in turn, raise your rank and unlock new levels on which to play. Nothing sweeter than jacking over a dude just as he is about to beat you. Take that Mr. I-Beat-You-Cuz-You-Suck-Bawlz-&-Got-AIDS Man.

“Run Forest!”