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YTMND: Nigga Stole My Taser

October 3, 2007

Punch Out

If you never saw the original, here you go. The game featured is Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! on the NES. Quite a good game based on who was an amazing boxer who turned into a woman beating, baby eating, ear biting, raping you till you love me freak.

Unless you are an uneducated weirdo who doesn’t watch the news at all, you probably know about the guy who got tasered and has sparked a phenomenon with his delightfully hilarious catchphrase. I don’t think comedy skits could ever be written this well. I personally think he deserves the tasing for using the term “bro”. What are we living in, 1990? Is Bill and Ted still cool? Whatever, I am going to go watch Back to the Future and listen to Debbie Gibson cassettes in my room.



YTMND: Le Tour De Dog

July 23, 2007

Le Tour De Dog

I like biking and nothing can compare to seeing the guys out on Le Tour De France. To think that for 20 days, these guys can bike almost 150 miles a day through the Alps, the countryside, and the rolling hills of France is insane. Even with drugs, this seems impossible. And Lance did it 7 times. Even Miguel Indurain could only do it 5 but that is still insane.

That was until he showed up and took out German rider Marcus Burghardt. He was swift, stylish, and without a lack of confidence. He had a slick, breakaway style that could only led to victory. He is the dog that knocked the shit out of Burghardt but then came back to win it all.

“See spot run.”

YTMND: Black People Love Kool-Aid

July 18, 2007


It might be the advertising speaking but according to Kraft, the makers, black people really like Kool-Aid…A LOT! Maybe it is the sweet flavor, the bright colors, or the fact that for 25 cents you end up with a ton of delicious liquid to imbibe. But why do they like it? Even Yahoo Answers has tried to tackle the question. Over at Urban Dictionary this breakdown:

The universal drink of the ghetto.
Comes in many flavors such as grape, cherry, blueberry etc, but known to the ghetto natives as red, purple, etc.

All I know is that with some grits and chicken, grape Kool-Aid rocks. Gotta love growing up in the South.


YTMND: Minesweeper

July 17, 2007


Here is a cool YTMND that despite not referencing standard internet meme, is actually neat and original. It probably also ate up a good amount of the creator’s time to boot.

Interesting thing about minesweeper is that it was that it did not originate as a crappy windows game that people played at work. It started out in the 1950’s as a bar game where you would have a paper/cardboard playing field where you manually punched out the numbers. By not punching the bombs, you eventually would win and could turn it in to the establishment for money. Sure beats the usual game of who can slip a chick the most roofies without her knowing it.

A Bomb!?! FUCK!

YTMND: Wonka’s Court

July 4, 2007

Wonka’s Court

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory was a great movie; it had a child murdering weirdo, children who deserved to be murdered, and candy. What more could you ask for? It wasn’t like that piece of crap that was Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. The only chocolate that came from that thing was from Tim Burton’s ass.

Now if a psychotic freak like Wonka were to preside over a court room, you know that it would sadly be about on par with the other judge shows out there. You got the dredges of American society fighting over $6.25 that was lost when LaQuisha Williams dented Marcy Fettlesworth’s prized bottle cap collection. An injustice that needs to be dealt with swiftly.



June 27, 2007


You might have noticed but this is the first YTMND that is under the ART tag. Well guess what folks, this shit is fancy as a poodle stew in couture dinnerware. I wish I could find the artist and give him props since this YTMND is exquisite.

I like when people realize that they are not limited by their media in art. This guy is obviously good at scene layout and pencil drawing so he just scanned it and is able to bring his skills into the digital playground. Kudos to you good sir.


YTMND: Dead Nigger Storage

June 26, 2007

Dead Nigger Storage

When it came time for the title, I knew this would be the one time I could write “Dead Nigger” and it be acceptable so I went with it. Now don’t get me wrong, using the N-word is not a good thing, I do not in any way approve or endorse it. But when you got rappers and movie stars, who are black mind you, that use it as if it were a term of endearment, you can’t really take their claims that it is seriously offensive.

Imagine if all Hispanics called each other spic’s and if all Chinese called each other chinks or slanty eye devils. Would you really believe them that they thought it was offensive if they did that? Btw that Bruce Lee, he is one hell of a chinky jook-sing bastard.

“Tulip is much better than mongoloid.”

MaoChan loves everyone and wants to remind people to be nice to each other. And that the only thing you should hate is Capitalism.