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So the idea was to create the greatest drinking game ever. We had heard about the game Wisest Wizard but as with most things Kevin Rose, it left us with a feeling of emptiness and lacking. So we set out to create a beast of a game, something complex but surprisingly easy to handle even while drunk.
Thus was born Final Fantasy: Pugna Imbibo Venatus.

Download Character Sheets.
Contains: Dark Knight/Dragoon/Corsair/Paladin (See Sample)

Now let’s talk the actual game.

The game centers around drinking beers for Experience (XP) to then gain levels. The empty cans are then added to your Level Bar or Staff. While drinking, you can fight eachother and if lucky cause damage (DMG) which is shots of beer from the DMG Can (beer that has been left out to warm). Every 3 levels, you can modify this, you fight a Boss Battle which is a shot of hard alcohol. There are also Spells and Limit Breaks you can play to modify the outcomes of fights and change the overall course of the game.

Getting Started:
First you will need to set up your classes and spells. Try to keep everything balanced and things that people agree on (when setting up our 4 classes, it took 5 hours to get what we thought was a balance).

Next you need the ingredients for play:
1 – 12 pack of canned beer per person for play
1 – Roll of Duct Tape for Level Bars
5 – 6d Dice
Hard alcohol for Boss Battles – Enough for each person to take a shot on level up

Playing The Game:
Once ready everyone crack a beer and start drinking. You start at level zero with no Magic Points (MP) and your Limit Break counter at zero. Once you finish a can, you are now at Level 1, Grats! When you gain a level you gain an MP (which add up) and also an attack counter (1 per level and they do not add up).

There is 1 attack per level once you reach level 2; Level zero and 1 can not be attacked! Attacker rolls 3 dice to the Defender’s 2. Attacker then selects his best 2 dice and adds up total. Defender adds his 2 dice values. Whoever has the higher amount is the winner. DMG is determined by subtracting the winner’s dice from the loser’s dice. If Defender wins, Attacker takes 2x DMG. Defender wins all ties.

Spells can be cast once you have enough MP and you declare them at the correct time indicated on each spell. There are a few times when you can cast a spell:
Non-Battle – No fights can be declared or occurring.
Before Battle – A fight is declared but must be before dice roll.
After Dice Roll – After the dice have rolled but before DMG is taken.
After Battle – After the dice have rolled and DMG is resolving aka drinking is occurring.
You start at zero MP and gain 1 MP per level. So at level 3 you have 2 MP.

Limit Breaks:
Every time someone is attacked (defending) they gain a Limit Break point. Once you have gained enough points, you can unleash a devastating attack that usually forces everyone else to drink for you. A Limit Break occurs at X+1 where X is your current level. Example is that you are at level 3 and you need 4 Limit Break points for it to be able to trigger.


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  2. xiupan Says:

    Man that sounds epic! I wish I was there to play 😦

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