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Communist Party Congress! I’ll Bring The Cake!

October 15, 2007

Hu Jintao

In true overlord fashion, Chinese President Hu Jintao started off the party’s 17th congress with a keynote speech that that echoed with his thoughts on how the Communist Party he leads has fallen short of the people’s expectations and that officials were extravagant, wasteful and corrupt.

“While recognising our achievements, we must be well aware that they still fall short of the expectations of the people,” said President Hu.

At the week-long gathering held every five years to decide future policies, Hu laid the smack down on how the problems being faced by ordinary people relate to employment, housing, social security and education. Time to get some shit straight and clean some houses.

The cake was a lie.

Thanks to Cygnus183 for the heads up on this.