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Cup O’ Nude-les

October 31, 2007

Nude Cup

So it is hump day and what a better way to celebrate than to hump someone. Well not everyone has someone to hump and so Rosy Palm and her 5 Sisters like to come play from time to time. If you are tired of the food at the one hand man buffet, you can now eat cheap for a change with some Cup Nude.

Essentially a sleeve for men, these delightfully styled auto erotica toys are sure to be great stocking stuffers this year for those people you know who stuff their stocking solo. It is designed as a one time use item. Be forewarned that if you order this, it will be Asian sized. It is true that they make their toys and devices a little smaller than their American counter parts. But at least now you can hide your sex toys among your food in the kitchen without being found. The question now is where to hide the 14″ black rubber cock, with the Oreos or the chocolate syrup?

Chopsticks not included.