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Horse into Glue: The Derby Incident And Its Need

May 7, 2008

Most people have heard about the happenings at the Kentucky Derby. A horse, Eight Belles, secured second place only to then go shatter both front ankles on the track. The horse was then put down immediately, within minutes of finishing the race. Of course PETA and all the other retards of the world came out of the woodwork to bitch and moan about killing the horse. Well guess what? It turns out it was done to help the poor animal from suffering, unlike the rest of us people who can’t put down the PETA people who suffer from extreme retardation. Part of this is due to the fact that the horse would not have been able to even live afterwards:

“A horse’s hoof is designed like a passive mechanical pump,” John Hermanson, a zoologist who studies horses at Cornell University in New York.. “Every time they take a step, it provides a little assist in driving blood back to the heart.”

I am sorry PETA but last I checked horses need blood to move in their body just like me. So really, Eight Belles was treated justly in not allowing the poor animal to be in pain. Next up, trip to the glue factory.

Yum. Horse Steaks.