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Tachikoma to Invade Your Pasokon

October 15, 2007

PC Tachikoma

Next on MaoChan’s shopping list is this amazing tachikoma model from Bandai. Going on sale in Japan in February, they will be remote controlled via USB. Tachikoma will be “able to read you your email, to move, to start applications, and you will even be able to play with it thanks to some mini games that Bandai developed for it.”

If you have no idea what a tachikoma is, they are from Ghost in the Shell best described as a “spider type multi leg combat vehicle equipped with artificial intelligence”. As you all know, Ghost in the Shell is an amazing movie/anime. I use the term movie since the film version by Mamoru Oshii is one of the best films ever delving into topics such as human identity, death, and integration of technology with the human body.