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Care For Some Lil’ Jon Wine? EEEYYYEEEAAAHHH!!

April 4, 2008

Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz

In what is sure to be the greatest thing since Haley’s comet collided with the moon is the announcement that Lil’ Jon will be releasing his very own wine. While not as hoity-toity as other beverages the rapper was interviewed about it:

Lil Jon acknowledges that he’s no wine connoisseur. “I’m not no ‘drink wine every day’ kind of dude,” he said in a telephone interview. “I’m not like an expert, so don’t ask me no questions … I just like the taste.”

So people, get ready fo’ the revolution. Break out and start polishing those goblets that you packed away, which by the way how dare you did that to begin with. Go call all the video ho looking bitches you know and get the blunts sparking cuz we be ready to get low on some 750mL Lil’ Jon Cabernet or maybe even a Shiraz. With some wangs and side o’ ranch BIOTCH!

Crackers and cheese too? OOOOKKKAAYY!!


Rip Slyme’s SPEED KING Video

November 6, 2007

Rip Slyme Speed King

Of the many groups out there, Rip Slyme is one that I actually listen to. Their smooth raps and cool voices go down like a menthol cigarette. I am in flavor country. This is their new video for their song SPEED KING. If you are still wondering who the hell they are:

Rip Slyme is a Japanese hip hop group. It is composed of 4 MCs; Ryo-Z, Ilmari, Pes & Su, and 1 DJ, Fumiya. Their sound derives its influences from old school hip hop and other Hip Hop such as The Pharcyde, De La Soul, Public Enemy, Jurassic 5, the Beastie Boys, DJ Premier, Leaders of the New School.


When Rapper’s Names Attack Good Taste

October 5, 2007

Oh Snap

It’s no surprise that lots of rappers have stupid names. To his credit, Kayne West has a normal name. He didn’t adopt some moniker like Master P or Professor King Bean. It is like they were playing darts with a dictionary and then smooshed the random words together. They might as well had used the rap name auto-generator. Take me for example, no one will mess with MC Nasty Cube of the Underground.

Funny is that most of the really stupid names come from people in or involved with the Wu-Tang Clan. Despite being some of the greatest rappers ever: GZA, The RZA, Raekwon, Method Man, and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Unfortunately it also lent itself to other abortions such as Brooklyn Zu, ODB’s side job with his cousins and fellow retards.

Shorty Shitstain.