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Go Watch WALL•E

June 30, 2008

It is as simple as that, you need to go watch WALL•E. If you want to stop reading that’s fine because you already read the most important part of what I am going to say. Incase you missed it, go watch WALL•E.

Pixar has created an amazing gem of a film here that really blurs the lines of what is a kid’s film and what is a movie for adults. From the sober opening to the goofy robot chase, everything just works and clicks. What they did was create an amazing sci-fi film with a great atmosphere and message and then wrapped it in a cute and loving animation that everyone can like. For me, Pixar hit it with Toy Story 2, then it was Monsters, Inc. and now WALL•E takes the top pedestal position. I don’t want to say much more other than that and also the short film at the opening of the movie, a Pixar standard, is now their best as well. And yes, it does have a hoedown in it.

Anime Robot Fight Flipbook

September 24, 2007

The previous post reminded me of an awesomely talented flipbook artist video I saw awhile on YouTube. Take one giant ass notepad, some pens of varying color, and a healthy dose of anime stereotypical action. The result is a robot fight featuring Voltron and Transformer type transformations and Dragonball action.

Now you probably are thinking, who the hell has this much time to devote to a flipbook? Well I can say that it is probably someone without a woman or someone who just has the skills to make something this cool. The way animation is lacking these days, they should hire this guy to do it. Be a lot better than the stupid crap you find on Saturday morning. Except Winx Club, now that is quality programming.