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Reflecting on Stupidity

June 4, 2008

Today’s Dilbert reminded me of a quote from my freshman year roommate that just help to add to the confusion of how the hell did he get into the same school:

“Everywhere I go, I carry two sacks so that if someone asks me to lend them a hand I can say ‘Hey I would like to but sorry, I’m carrying these sacks.'”

I really think that if he were to have had access to a sack repository, he would of been walking around with those two sacks all the time.

Faceplants Galore

November 12, 2007


Webster’s Dictionary defines faceplant as the act or condition of being faceplant. Usually due to some stupid action taken by an individual, the faceplant leads itself to generating laughter and shame for those involved. To watch is to enjoy, to participate is to hurt.

I have done many a plant as I used to mountain bike. Long were the days when winding through a trial and them BAM! you end up eye to dirt with the ground. It wasn’t a big deal for me as I would stand up, dust off, and then go running into the brush to slaughter all those innocent animals who were witness to the act with my bare hands. Who’s laughing now Nature?


Yamanote Loop Line Halloween Massacre

October 30, 2007

Yamanote Loop Line Issue Pics

OK, it wasn’t a massacre in that no one died. But lots of people apparently acted like douchebags. Really, this is the kind of thing that makes people hate Americans and having foreigners in their country in general. Reports put it at

about 200 to 250 foreigners, most of them Caucasian. There was also a number of Japanese participants, most of them Japanese women. After getting on the train, the party-goers became drunk and loud, shouting in English and becoming aggressive towards a few Japanese. At some point, an idiot removed or disabled the lighting in the train car, forcing the train to make an emergency stop at Shinagawa station, where police forced everyone out of the train and tried to see what had gone wrong with the lights. It is unclear whether this put an end to the party, or if it continued afterwards.

Nothing ruins fun like retard shenanigans. Hit the jump for a hilarious letter which “details” the happenings of the night.

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